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Are you looking to learn how to play piano? There are thousands of FREE resources on the internet or personal lessons which will teach you how to play piano. With a little research and some perseverance you can be learning to play piano for youself. Maybe you've wanted to learn for a long time, or maybe you're looking for a hobby, either way playing piano is a great skill to exercise and develop.

If you choose to learn to play piano on the internet there are literally hundreds of websites which offer free information as well as free lessons. For free piano lessons you can visit, or Both these sites offer video lessons for which you sign up for free, and they are sent directly to your email. There are no catches, it all 100% free. But don't just watch the videos, spend some time to read through the articles on the websites and you will see that you can begin learning without any sort of video teaching or private teaching what so ever.

There are many alternate options which will have you playing the piano in no time. With the amount of people who are learning the piano, you will no doubt know someone who will be learning or have learnt the piano. These people may be open to teaching piano lessons for free. Teaching the piano for free is a great way to learn how to teach, and you being a test student, you can't complain when you're being taught for free.

So in the end, do some research and you will see that you can play piano for free. The resources are here for you to be able to learn and master the piano without paying a fortune.

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